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Not sure if local SEO is for you? Here are a few questions to help you decide:

If ANY of your answers to the above questions is YES, then local SEO is definitely for you, and our services can help expand your reach more than you ever imagined.

What is Local SEO?

Local search engine optimization (SEO) makes your company visible in geographically-related searches, specifically within the Local Pack (or map listing) of Google. It increases local online exposure, outstrips local rivals, improves organic traffic to your website, and brings more eligible leads to your business.

Local searches include online inquiries with certain geo-qualifiers, such as city, state, zip code, or terms like ‘near me.’ When people run these searches, Google picks up the person’s geolocation and offers search results from that area. For example, if you’re a lawyer in X, local SEO makes it so that if someone searches “lawyers in X” or if a resident in X searches “lawyers near me,” your name and business will pop up among the results.

How Does Local SEO Work

Location is why we call it local SEO

The first thing to know is that location-based searches are SEO-related. That means a physical address or location is a prerequisite for showing up on local search results. If you don’t add your company’s address to Google My Company and other online directories, your business will not turn up when a customer searches for “near me” or “in *locality name*.”

Statistics tell us that about 72% of users who did a Google search visited a store located within 8km of their searching area. Imagine how many potential customers you could lose if your business did not appear when people search online for the same services you render.

NAP must be the same everywhere

Another important aspect of local SEO is the name, address, and phone number (NAP) of your company. Uniformity of NAP in all of the online directories that you have enlisted in is paramount. Google will most likely avoid listing your company in a 3-pack local if there are inconsistencies in your listing. For example, if your business name appears as “Gravity Three” on one website and “Gravity 3” on another, that simple spelling discrepancy could cost you a lot. Only 56% of businesses haven’t claimed their Google My Business listing, so getting it correctly and being part of the 3-pack local could be a huge advantage over your competitors.

The more the citations, the better

Another way local SEO for your business comes into effect is through citations. A citation is when your business is listed as a point of reference on a third party website. This may contain the name, location, or contact details for your company. Citations don’t necessarily require a backlink to the website of your company.  An example of a citation would be a travel blog that names your booking company as a good place to make reservations and book travels. This helps Google to know that your company is trustworthy, and will improve your chances of getting into the 3-pack locally.

It’s all about reviews…

Google also provides the number of reviews that you get when users view local businesses. It’s all part of the local SEO roof. Whether these reviews are positive or negative, all that matters is they exist online. So if you get a positive one, remember to thank the customer for providing a good rating. On the other hand, you can also respond quicker, but still professionally, to negative reviews. An efficient response is very good and shows the users you care about the customers’ opinions. Having a team to handle your reviews is the best way to optimize your responses.

Why Your Business Needs Local SEO Services

Here are some of the reasons why local SEO would be beneficial to your business:

Targeted Campaigns

Local SEO offers more specific local campaigns – hyper-personalized online interactions await modern customers. You may target promotions with localized SEO to extremely small, targeted groups of people that will yield better results.

Access to Local Visitors

It increases site traffic, leads, and local visitor sales – if you’re a small business, having web visitors and leading users in another city, state, or nation won’t do much to develop your business. For regional SEO, in your particular service areas, you increase the traffic from customers, which means you can get a higher visit-to-sale rate. Already, 46% of all Google searches have local intent, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase. That is a large opportunity to take advantage of!

Unique Opportunity

It distinguishes you from your competitors – fewer than 50 percent of companies currently use local SEO services. What that means for you is a great opportunity to stand out in directories, online maps, local searches, and social media.

Better Visibility

It improves online awareness for local customers. About 97% of people go online to find local resources and 95% don’t go past the search results on the first page. Local search engine optimization increases page rankings and improves web exposure to those around you that can directly impact your business.

How Local SEO Can Help Your Business

Leverage advanced algorithms to your advantage

The algorithms of search engines have gotten more sophisticated and efficient in recent years to produce better results. The search engines have been highly successful in identifying the location from which users are searching. These search engines will locate a user location within a few feet by using IP information from your desktop or laptop, and GPS data from your phone. You can take advantage of this development by using local SEO to bring customers to your business and boost sales.

Spend less and get more

Local SEO is a cheap monthly expenditure, especially when compared to conventional ads. This investment helps businesses to gain tremendous visibility for very little amount monthly. With local SEO, you don’t need giant budgets to get your business going, plus it targets those who can have the most impact on your business.

Sets up local connections and relationships

Local SEO assists in getting your name out in the city. A strong local search presence helps you make meaningful connections, form highly beneficial partnerships, and gain more customers. In the locality where your business is located, local SEO will make your business visible and recognizable to everyone. A recognizable name will encourage partnerships and give assurances that you are a reputable business.

Builds trust in your brand

Local SEO helps drive the decisions that people make in favor of your business. The more knowledge they have of your company, the more they trust you. This lays a strong foundation on which you can build mutually beneficial relationships with customers. There is also a level of assurance that whoever transacts with you will have, which builds trust in your brand.

High Conversion Rate

Local SEO receives the best level of conversion on all native advertising channels. It helps mobile users to discover your business, whether through search engines, directories, or social media channels. Statistics show that 78% of all location-oriented searches lead to offline conversion. These stats show that a strong local SEO game leads many potential customers to your business, which has a high chance of leading to physical transactions.

Our Local SEO Services

Over the years, we have developed and perfected a system to build the local SEO structure of any business, and in no time, they’ll begin to see growth. Of course, every company or business is unique. Our professionals will work with you to develop the best course of action and yield positive results. The general process and guidelines we typically follow are explained below:

Analysis of Your Local Competitors and Partners

At the preliminary stages, we analyze your business’s location and the surrounding areas. We identify all potential competitors in the same area. Web analysis of all the competitors in your locality that currently surpass you in web rankings will reveal what they’re doing that you are not. We also identify potential partners in your locality. For example, if you run a spa, gym, or fitness service, possible partners in your locality could be doctors who will help refer customers that need your service.

We also analyze common search words used in your area relating to your business and the search volumes monthly. We proceed with the beginning stages of planning and first drafts of content that will go on your website. This content will have common keywords and search words specific to your locality. We also audit your website by reviewing all its content and identifying key areas that need modifications for more efficient.

Build and Monitor Local Citations

The name, address, and phone number (NAP) of your business is vital to ensuring high ranking in all local organic search results. Google and other search engines use NAP data to show users when they use geo-targeted searches. We make sure your NAP is correct and consistent not just on your website, but also on the web. 82% of businesses have not claimed their Bing business listings, and even though Bing accounts for only 7.27% of local web searches, it’s still a considerable market share that is neglected. We make sure your NAP information is updated and present in all your business listings.

Next, we proceed to help citations by getting your business listed in as many local directories as possible. Industry-specific directories are also relevant and will go a long way in pushing your leads. For instance, if you operate a restaurant, we will help get citations in food blogs or articles about eating or finding food in your locality. We regularly review all citations to ensure they are accurate and update them if they require changes. Citation, just like most local SEO practices, is an ongoing process and will need efficient management, which our company can offer you in abundance!

Publish and Optimize Website Content

Our team fully dives into the content on your website and focuses on optimizing it to generate more leads and increase search rankings. We compile all of the keywords from prior research and begin implementing them on your pages to create quality, search engine optimized content. Our on-page optimization will also improve your website’s user experience, so leads stay longer and have a higher chance of being converted to sales. Mobile view optimization is another key factor that we take on because mobile searches for “where to buy” have increased by 85% since 2015.

We take down all content that is not SEO-optimized and replace it with content that will increase local search rankings. To improve your local business listings and make reviews more visible, we add microdata to your website (Schema markup). Our all-inclusive process also involves optimizing and updating your landing pages.

Optimize and Manage Your Google My Business Profile

We create a Google my Business profile for you, and if you already have one, we make sure all the information on it is correct, relevant, and up-to-date. We also organize the address, phone number, and images of your company to properly reflect the physical location. We make sure all the information is easy to understand for everyone.

Also, on Google Maps, we reclaim your listing and make sure the information and location are accurate, so you don’t lose potential customers. Our team of SEO experts will optimize all your backlinks on Google My Business page. We ensure your working hours are in line with the operations of your physical location, so there will always be someone ready to attend to customers.

Track all Campaigns

Campaigns often take time before they show results, and sometimes certain aspects need changes to produce positive outcomes. We help with monitoring all your active campaigns and keeping them on track. All of the organic traffic, leads, and keywords will go into our system and get logged for efficient monitoring.

This process will allow us to identify areas that need improvements. We work on them so you can begin to record favorable results. We also keep watch of your competitors to see what works for them so that you can stay on top of industry trends that could be beneficial to your business.

Track Analytics and Generate Reports

We install Google Analytics for advanced tracking of all activities on your website and record how users interact with your business. Our team will monitor the phone lines to see how the campaigns affect your business and identify key areas that work for future implementation. Our review management engine will keep track of all reviews posted about your business for a quick response. Conversion optimization, Traffic growth, Content promotion, and enhancements are key in this stage.

Subsequently, we will give detailed reports which show how our services have affected your business and other activities we plan to do. Our reports will include keyword rankings, specific task reports, reviews of all objectives, and improvements made. We work alongside you every step of the way to keep you ahead of all your competitors.

Our SEO Process Includes:

Why You Should Choose Us

Full Control

From the beginning of our service to the end, you will have the full control and final say on what you want your business to feel and look like. Every customization or content we curate is yours and ultimately, you can choose what to do with it. The settings, monitoring systems, social media handles, and passwords are under your control.

Unique Experience Every Time

Our process can adapt based on location, niche, or specific requirements of the client. We work based on your service or niche, so our services are flexible enough to suit the needs of every business. We understand that every business is unique and will need a different approach to produce excellent results.

Stand-By Customer Support

We are always available to respond to your every need and answer questions about your SEO strategy’s progress. You can easily schedule a time to sit with us and share your concerns or ideas on what you want for your business. 

Value for Money

We have the best tools to deliver on our promises and a proven track record to show this. Within months of using our service, you will begin to record excellent results that even conventional advertising methods cannot produce. And it’s all at an affordable cost!

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